Blockbusters - several competitions

    There are several competitions on this page requiring you to answer a question and send an e-mail to them.…spx >> Click here for all the details <<

    WIN a 7 of 9 Figurine, Star Trek: Voyager Series 4 and Star Trek: The Original Series, Series 2! (Closing Date - 3rd January 2005)
    Question -What is the name of the half-Klingon, half-human Chief Engineer on the USS Voyager? I think it's Tuvok?
    WIN a Portable DVD Player and more with The Stepford Wives! ( Closing Date - 10th January 2005)
    Question - In The Stepford Wives trailer, what colour is Nicole Kidmans hair? blond???? :?:
    WIN 1 of 4 amazing Spider-Man 2 bundles ( Closing Date - 27th December 2004)
    Question - A talented young actor, Franco was chosen for the lead role in a movie directed by Nicholas Cage which was also Cages directorial debut. What was the title of this movie? :?:
    WIN 1 of 10 Harry Potter T-Shirts and DVDs! ( Closing Date - 20th December 2004)
    Question - What is the name of the British Actor who stars as Harry Potter? Daniel Radcliffe
    WIN an IPOD and More with The Twins Effect!
    Question - Which of the following movies did not star Jackie Chan? Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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    Thanks for these... I will put them on my 'to do' list for later this evening...

    Its good to see the info... nice post...
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