blocked ear- ouch!

    my ear is blocked and keep hearing a constant "sea sound" effect- also its hurting.

    is it wax?

    someone told me to buy "hopi" candles - anyone know where can i buy these cheapily as couldnt locate them at my local chemist

    thanks in advance
    alternative remedies also would be appreciated


    Could be an inflammation of the ear - i had it on holiday a while back.

    Had to go and get some antibiotics.

    I'll add that it was from the water in the swimming pool - it came up pretty darn red and swollen and stung like hell when trying to sleep

    If I were you I would make an appointment to see your GP as you cant be too careful with your ears.

    I've had that before, did it happen after a shower or bath, it could be water, you can use something called 'swim ear' from the chemists.

    I tried them but didn't think much of them.

    Could be you have a bug in your ear.

    I got them from here. [url][/url]…stm

    Try Optex from any Chemist. Really good. Stick a couple of drops in your ear before you go to bed and in the morning you will get loads of yuk out, guaranteed. I did it after a cold and i couldn't believe my ears eerrmm I mean Eyes!!!:thumbsup:


    I'm hard of hearing and supposed to wear two deaf aids and I honestly think that part of the cause of my deafness is because I was always cleaning my ears out with cotton buds etc. So I agree with Snowtiger, before potching with your ears, go see a doctor and get the right advice. Or ask at the Chemist :thumbsup:


    i couldn't believe my ears eerrmm I mean Eyes!!!:thumbsup:



    I tried them but didn't think much of them.Could be you have a bug in … I tried them but didn't think much of them.Could be you have a bug in your ear.I got them from here. [url][/url]

    There's a web site selling bugs for ears? :w00t:

    yep, they feed on the wax, works wonders.

    I've tried them, and other than feeling quite nice and warm i didn't think a lot of them either. Your probably best off going to your GP asap. Sounds like otitis externa to me
    but then again could also be otitis media depending on the location of the pain

    a little warmed up olive oil a few drops in the ear overnight works wonders at shifting stubborn wax

    Word of warning about the ear candles, I've heard mixed things about them. The idea of them is that they produce a gentle sucking action as they burn, sucking out loads of earwax. In reality though, while they manage to do this some of the time, and some of the time it even feels quite pleasurable, other times it doesn't really do anything, and other other times, you'll find a drip of boiling-hot candlewax running into your ear. This is reported to feel like a hundred drunks stumbling into you and hitting your arm with the ends of their cigarettes at once, only slightly more painful, and in your ear.

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