Blocknews and grabit SSL

    Going to switch over to blocknews for you know what but wanting to retry grabit. It did not go hand in hand with astraweb ssl so was wondering if anyone has had any issues with blocknews ssl and grabit.
    Ta much


    how much per month buddy?

    Original Poster

    Not monthly, pay for x amount of data and use it as and when required


    I use SSL with grabit & astraweb with no problems at all

    Original Poster

    csiman I use SSL with grabit & astraweb with no problems at all

    i was having problems (and not the only one) with SSL connections, yes correct ports, so changed to Altbinz but prefer grabits layout and since my usage is running out with astraweb, thought i would try Blocknews.
    so i ask again has anyone used blocknews ssl with grabit.
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