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Found 15th Oct 2017

I'm looking to set up a blog about baking and food, I'm also a fan of travel and house/furniture renovation but I wondered whether more success would be had by keeping it fairly simple and about food?

Having read around it seems best to buy your own domain and then use Wordpress to set up the blog. Does anyone have any advice?

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If you are unsure use free service for a while. Try to build some traffic.
Best option to build traffic is to post on Facebook & Twitter ect links to articles you write and build followers that way too.

As for content, I don't see why you can't do both and link with your own personality. This may also lead you to a better domain name when ready.

Feel free to PM me if you think I can be helpfull (not a salesmen).
Hello I would have thought that if you write about all of them you would have a bigger audience as I dont think anyone would not read a blog because it has more than one subject.
Yes buy a domain! this makes it a-lot more customisable and at the end of the day you own it! Who knows might get lucky and someone offer to buy that domain! PM me if you need anymore help, used to have a blog of my own for Health and Fitness and Travel!
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