Blood tests

    Does anyone know if it is ok to give blood the day before having blood tests at the doctors.

    I have called the NHS National Blood Service line and they are unsure as whether it will affect the results.

    I am unable to speak to a doctor at the surgery unless I make an appointment.

    I missed my last donation session due to having a cold so don't really want to miss this one unless I have to


    Yes, it's fine

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    Thanks Choc - spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to find out and get an answer here in 2 minutes :-D

    Should be fine, you could also ring NHS Direct for advice/info.

    I used to work for the Blood Transfusion Service. As long as the needles can be verified as clean ie at a GP or hospital setting, it shouldn't prevent you donating.

    Good on you for being a donor :-D

    should be fine.. i cant see why not... enjoy your cuppa and biccy.

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    Thanks everyone - I was concerned it may affect the results of my blood tests

    Would depend on what you are having blood tests for though I would assume, e.g. it would make a difference to a test for anaemia (which I am assuming you dont have since you are able to give blood!)
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