Bloody banks

    Evening all.

    Now I know banks are all the same and are always trying to fob you off or whatever BUT I have had enough of Abbey National.

    Now I have a student account and yes I admit Im **** with my money, living away from home but it is my only account and I dont have any credit cards, store cards etc....

    I recenlty sent off for my bank statements so I can claim my bank charges but they have taken ages to process it and now they have sent a letter askin for proof of address and askin for ME to pay them another £10 for statements. What cheesey's me of the most however is the fact that when I ring up I'm put through to an indian call centre. Im not racist at all but its is frustrating when I'm trying to speak to managers, certian departments and all I can speak to is people in another country who have no idea about my situation. And to contact these people regarding my issues, I can only send them a letter, honestly it makes me want to scream at people down the phone.

    My housemate recentley sent off for his bank charges, natwest were arsey about it but they gave it him all back and at least when he calls he can be put through to someone in this country.

    Anyway sorry for rambling, I was just wondering if someone could recommend me another bank? (maybe one with a bigger student overdraft, lol)

    Cheers anyway


    Yipes, I posted just yesterday that I was considering Natwest for a student account

    Hi (sorry long reply)

    I know some banks don't charge for the statements for the OFT charges thing and didn't think any of the other banks were either.

    If they are charging you for another set you can add it to your claim - if you get your frees refunded they have to refund this one too.

    I work for one of the big banks and it does bug me about this charges thing though - I've only had 1 charge on my account in 9 years as working for a Bank it causes you all kinds of pap if you do go over your overdraft etc. Has definately made me more aware of my money and what is going on.

    I heard that one of the other Banks is closing down accounts when they get requests for refunds of fees and because those people have had charges that affect their credit rating are then stuck with a account without the same level of access to funds (i.e no visa/switch card, no chq book etc) with any Bank that will take them and that's IF any bank will take them.

    Does really bug me though that before long everyone will probably have to pay to have an account because of the unfair charging stuff. Same will probably happen again with credit cards before long too.

    Also before you try to move to another bank get a copy of your credit file from experian or equifax just to check if there is anything that would stop you getting a different bank. If you apply you will need to give your statements as ID to open - if you give your statements the Bank you apply to will review the statements to see if you have had charges and then may refuse the account.
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