Bloody CAPS lock error.....Any solution?

    Ok people bit of a random one.....

    I wanted to ask if I was typing something later realising its all in CAPS, is there any shortcut to revert them to lower case?

    e.g. highlight and press ctrl.....etc

    Gets annoying sometimes deleting and then to re-type....


    in word?

    Highlight the text - press SHIFT + F3 - it all goes lower case.

    :whistling:Hope sOmeOne Can anSwer THIS As I alWAys have the SAMe Trouble

    Original Poster

    Nice one......

    It worked...I did one day randomly press some keys (well brush my hand against the keyboard) and they went lowercase....guess it must have been these lol

    Thanks once again!!!! :thumbsup:

    i thought it was Alt + F4 :whistling:

    I've often wondered about this. Felt too silly to actually ask out loud. :oops:


    If in word, I always use Shift F3 :thumbsup:

    alt + F4 closes the current window!


    alt + F4 closes the current window!

    lol - hence the whistling ...nevermind
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