Bloom artificial flowers - any vouchers? All help appreciated.

    My mum has decided she spends too much on orchids and want to get one from Bloom, the top artificial flower place (apparantly). Not my type of thing, but she has her heart set on one and I am looking for a voucher to make it a bit cheaper, free delivery or something would be great.
    A bit of a 'different' request, but maybe someone out there has a code!

    Thank you in advance.


    Hi, have you tried Just type in the name of the shop and will show any available vouchers. (Check the date is valid though!)

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    Thank you, rep for trying, though no such luck, they aren't even on the list of companies on their books. Big thank you though.

    I got sent a 10% off one ages ago. I will see if i can find it and get back to you

    RIght the offer is 10% discount on any order not including postage and packing. Valid until 29th June 2008. Use code A6SUG

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    Thank you!! Rep added. You're fab!

    They have some nice special offers on the website too…t-h

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    Ooooh, will check that out. Thank you again, you're lovely!

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    My mum wants:…tml and…tml might get her the rose one on special you mentioned as a nice keep-in pick-me-up gift for when it's needed!
    Takes £7.60 off for the two orchids. Great!
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