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Found 11th Nov 2009
I ordered one foot in the grave series 5 on 2nd september from which was in stock at the time. It has been on packing ever since and they took the money then too although its never been dispatched. Ive phoned and got fobbed off with a waiting for stock excuse even though it was still in stock on the website. I have also emailed them a few times as its always in stock on the website yet stuck on packing in my order status yet keep getting the standard, waiting for stock email. Im getting really annoyed as it was for my dads birthday which has been and gone and yet they still wont give me my money back or send the bloomin dvds! Rant over..........

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There's not much you can do. are not subject to UK Consumer Protection law. And, I don't imagine that Jersey has laws to protect UK consumers from being ripped off by Jersey residents. :roll:

I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! ;-) (Sorry, just had to)
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