Blooming O2 Broadband! wont accept my card etails.

    Spent a bit signing up, then it told me my card details were wrong, checked again and they were totally correct, tried once more to be again told they were incorrect.

    Went back into the details and made sure everything was right and retyped address etc and then went back to payment page.

    It then told me as I have used incorrect direct debit details 3 times I am locked out for a short time until I can try again!

    FFS I havent made any errors and my card is registered to this address.


    i get this regulary what bank are u with ?

    Are you sure you have selected the correct 'card type' some systems make a distinction between visa credit and debit etc

    Could you ring them? Or is a quidco type thing?

    Original Poster

    Just checked with O2 and its a fault on their systems since they updated databases when starting to offer the phone service.

    I was right when I thought it was the address format since they say they cannot do it over the phone either.

    So just a warning to new customers.
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