Blown cigarette lighter fuse in car. Replaced fuse now burning smell

Posted 1st Dec 2017
Hi all,

Can anyone help

My cigarette lighter socket stopped working on my Mondeo. I use this to charge my phone. I checked the fuse and it had blown. I've now replaced the fuse, which fixed the problem, but now while I'm driving I'm getting a smoke smell in the car, which resembles pipe smoke. The smell continues without anything plugged into the socket. The fuse is a 20 amp fuse. I'm worried that the car could catch fire so I'm going to remove the fuse tomorrow. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is?
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If there’s nothing plugged in it is probably wiring like a lose connection
Food or something inside socket. Sweet wrapper or chocolate inside maybe.. Pull fuse and clean out with cotton bud stick. Shine torch In and look... Finish off with wd 40 as this will drive out moisture and then inspect the new fuse and put back in..
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My guess is the live wire is somehow making contact with either a negative wire or part of the car body which also acts as a negative. Fuses don't blow for no reason, was the original fuse 20amp?
Hi all, thanks for your suggestions. Yes the original fuse was 20 amp. I've tested the sockets with a multimeter and it is reading 12v when the car is not running at 14.5 when it is running. I've taken the fuse out and checked the sockets and they are both clean. I'm at a loss as to why the car has just started to make this smell.
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