I'm thinking of getting a blu-ray drive for a laptop. I could either get a external USB drive for about £60, some very kind soul posted the deal here a while ago; or I could get a internal drive for a bit more.

    I have a 17 inch dell XPS laptop, its not that portable. A external drive is not going to help. I don't travel that much, when I do, I'll probably be taking it with.

    What do you guys think USB one or internal one? also do external drives generally need a AC adoptor for power?


    All the external ones will need additional power.

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    Thanks, I'd probably get internal one...

    can you even get internal blu ray drives for laptops?

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    I think there are quite a few on ebay


    can you even get internal blu ray drives for laptops?

    My laptop has one :thumbsup:

    Yes the one you need if its a slot loader is the Sony BC-5600S. I looked into it for my 1735 but at £200 it's just too expensive.

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    *sign* damn, thats pricy, and I thought paying 100 quid is too much for internal one...

    Where as with external one, I can carry it onto different PCs as well.
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