BLU-RAY GIVEAWAY **ROLL UP **ROLL UP **winner is awoodhall2003 *****

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Found 12th May 2010
same as my PS3 game giveaway thread

got a BLU-RAY here that i no longer want and going to give it away just reply in the thread with the best reason why you should have it!


1. I wont tell you what blu-ray is
2. If you win the blu-ray and already have it please tell me and somebody else can be picked ( AT RANDOM)
3. Entry Will close @ 10pm tonight and somebody picked shortly after
4. 1 entry per person

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  2. Blu-Ray


Or a more polite entry, Please count me in

Original Poster SuperEd


Yes please

Can I be in please as I bought the Blu-ray player from ebuyer and have not got a disc to play in it yet.

It'll be my first ever blu ray to go with my ps3....

My friend and I always have movie night...hes been stressing about exams so would be nice to have a new dvd to watch when they are over x

Because my hubby brought me a ps3 for watching blue rays just after christmas and i still havent got one......Honestly, its funny though because he has loads of games,lol

im in....nice of you...

i should have it because my cousins, aunts, sisters, neighbour had a cough the other day and i need to win this to get me through the trauma

Would love to win this as i've never won anything in my life

Ill sponge that off you

me, cos i have no money left :lol:

Me please, because I love watching crisp blu rays

blu-ray away

I would like a blu ray please because I have just found out some terrible news.

I have family who find it very hard to afford food at present because they were scammed by a nice gentleman from the nigerian gamling commission and would love to invite them round for an evening of food and frivolities whilst watching a film in glorious 1080p.

My cat who loves to watch high def films only has two legs and half an eye and I really feel he would benefit from a new film to watch

Please be kind enough to let me win because of these above situations

Much love for all eternity (no homo)

Numptyj xx

please, because my 1 1/2 year old has just ruined one of mine so i could do with another to replace it

Please be porn......


Just bought a blu-ray player (well about a month ago) and havent got any blu-rays yet so hopefully looking to start a collection! :thumbsup:

I am guessing this bluray is terminator 2 and I'm in.

I'm in

Because I want it ;-)

yes please :thumbsup:

oooh i got my lucky number as my post :-D

yes please only upgraded today i havent seen a blu ray yet this would be a first

I would like the blu-ray please because i am a lowly student living with a small budget.
I would really appreciate a new blu-ray.

please count me in, just for the fact that we would love a Bluray, we are a family of 4 on a very tight budget! and would be a very nice treat for us! very generous of you doing this....wish there were more peeps like you in the World.....it really would make a BIG difference!

Thanks again


Me please, Thank you Sara x

count me in please!

it's nice to know there are some lovely people out there OP
count me in!

repped for kindness

Please count me in.

Count me in too please, it will go nicely with my £55 blu-ray player :-)

its bloody cold here the weather as changed minus temp. recorded last night and my husband ray as turned blue

he he

I need a wedding present for the missus ......... :thumbsup:

Wow, another giveaway -count me in please


Can I be in please as I bought the Blu-ray player from ebuyer and have … Can I be in please as I bought the Blu-ray player from ebuyer and have not got a disc to play in it yet.

That was a silly thing to do.

Me please.

But only if I don't win the other thread. A PS3 game and a bluray is just greedy.

found out my spinal surgery a few weeks ago didn't work and i need to have neuro surgery again in a few months to have a shunt put in on the left side of the brain so i will have one both sides and in my spine stuck in bed most days and any entertainment welcomed.

god thats depressing but not really a reason for me to get it over anyone else i just want it like everyone else does lol

I need the blu ray.

the doctor has just told me im blind and i need to check whether he is right or not.

I don't have a blu-ray player yet - winning this would force me to get off my behind & hotfoot it to the blu-ray player store:)


I would like to win as it would go well with the future blu ray player install that i am planning to put in my car

I would like it, to watch it, and give it away again on the conditions that after that person has watched it they have to give it away as well on here!

Count me in please

add me please, due to have baby soon so cant go out much, a night in with blu-ray = good times. Thanks

Count me in as well please
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