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    hi, guys looking for some cheap blu ray movies anyone know where i can get them from?


    It will depend on what your looking for but I've listed a few cheap ones below:

    50 First Dates : ]£12.88

    16 Blocks : ]£17.89

    Send me a pm, let me know what your looking for and I'll have a dig about for you

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    what about rush hour,

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    Hellboy £11.89 delivered…847

    Hostel £11.99 delivered…85a
    Layer Cake £11.89 delivered…848

    S.W.A.T £11.99 delivered…0f3

    Tears Of The Sun £11.99 delivered…07a

    Excorsism Of Emily Rose £11.99 delivered…6e7

    XXX £11.99 delivered…5c8

    Stealth £11.99 delivered…ffd

    Hitch £11.99 delivered…28f

    50 First Dates £12.88 delivered…htm

    A Knight's Tale £11.99 delivered…416

    All The King's Men £11.95 delivered…44a0

    Big Fish £11.99 delivered…835

    Kung Fu Hustle £12.22 delivered…BTG

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    thanks smokedog have some rep

    sarbjeet_ - Sorry for the delayed response - I couldn't find Rush Hour out on Blu-Ray whatsoever.
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