Found 30th Apr 2010

Looking for a Blu-Ray player that is well rated, supports all formats, quick to load and around the £100 mark.

Not asking for much any good deals out there?



look for the s360

look for the sony s360 or Panasonic BD35. those are the best onces. Excellent revierws.

the BD35 is better but it cost around £180 mark. I did a lookaround & you can get both on grade A from CEX for £95 delivered. here is a link:…buy…buy

dont go for philips or samsung.. as the quality arent that great. check out the review on the 2 players. you love love it

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cheers all. to add a spanner in the works, someone at work mentioned going for a PS3 as you get the added benefit of games playing etc...any thoughts? is this good as a BluRay/DVD player as a standalone one would be?

oh yeah. forgot about that. then again you did say under £100.:whistling:
if you can pay the extra then PS3 is the ultimate option:thumbsup:
they will also support 3d bluray

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yeah was looking for under £100 but happy to shell out more if i get a lot more for the money...
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