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    Anyone know any good deals at the moment for a blue ray player witha few DVD's thrown in, ideally from a walk in store as I think Xmas deliveries might be a bit of a mis at the moment

    Cheers all


    Not sure if any left but Asda did have an LG player with discs for £ 82, and having read the comments it seems this is the same model that Blockbuster are selling for £ 99. I hope this helps.

    £99 at block buster for an LG and a good fist full of recent Blu Ray's - check out the details on and collect in store...

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    Cheers Will have alook at that today if i can get out in the snow!!!!

    TOSHIBA BDX1100 Blu-ray Player - £69.00 @ Dixons....thats the cheapest OKish type I can find.

    If I were you, I would go for Panasonic DMP-BD45 which is £89 @ Dixons and Play both, but you get a free copy of Avatar (Bluray disc) from Play.

    Edit: Free copy of Avatar BD is run by Panasonic and not play. So, you can get the same if you buy if from Dixons.

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    Dixons had no Pannys so went with a Phillips BDP3100 from Tesco at £79.97

    Thanks for the help guys


    theres a 50 quid on at tesco! tecnika

    Wouldn't you want some free BLU-rays with your new BLU ray player?

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    Yeah but a £50.00 tesco voucher helped ease that pain :-)


    buy an old 40gb ps3 from blockbuster// much more value for money
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