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    Thinking that it's about time that I updated my DVD player and I'm looking for a little advice on Blu-ray.

    I only have an old Tevion 5.1 system - the speakers connect to that unit using bare wires (it has served me well though!)

    If I was to go for this... Samsung BD-C5300 player, I am right in thinking that I will need to buy new speakers too? I'll need some sort of optical connection?
    I realise this makes me sound like an idiot, but would appreciate any advice any of you experts can give to me.



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    here's an image of the rear panel of the Samsung, if it helps at all (hope it's clear enough!)
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    just 'standard' speaker wire (copper cable), there's 2 wires per speaker (+/- ?) that are gripped at the back of the Tevion in 12 'grippers'. I'll see if i can find an image of that..

    Edit.. (same as this..)

    i realise my speakers won't fit the samsung, but if there's some type of converter around then that would do? speakers are mounted and sound ok to me, so would prefer not to have to rewire the front room if at all possible
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    could u not connect the wires to the audio output on the samsung player at all??
    i have the bd-c5300 and use optical but thought u might be able to do it that way

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    no, the Tevion has no audio input, so i'd be getting shot of that- it's only a DVD player anyway and read that the Blu-ray would upscale existing disks.

    @solhail, the samsung has audio out, but that's only component or optical? I presume that the only way for me to use the 5.1 sound is through the optical link?

    looking more like i will need to buy new speakers to connect to the optical connection then. Anyone know of any nice deals on those?

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    ok, thankyou both for the replies.
    I'm busy searching to see if i can find an amp with similar output connections as my tevion (and an optical input of course)



    HDMI input is better.

    How can you HMDI to the Amp and the TV?

    Never had an Amp so excuse my ignorance.


    How can you HMDI to the Amp and the TV?Never had an Amp so excuse my … How can you HMDI to the Amp and the TV?Never had an Amp so excuse my ignorance.

    HDMI cable between the blu-ray player and amp, the amp processes the audio and passes the picture through to the TV via another HDMI cable......simples.

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    Thanks for the advice. I suspected it wasn't as easy as my original post.
    Having had a quick look, it will probably be worthwhile me waiting for a decent deal to come along for a full system.

    (I'll blame Inception for this! I haven't seen it at all and have heard its a must to see it in HD)



    (Sony DH-STR800) has 3 HDMI inputs and one output, so only uses on on … (Sony DH-STR800) has 3 HDMI inputs and one output, so only uses on on your TV. You run it all though the amp

    cheers, is there anything cheaper than the DH-STR 800 that will do the job lol

    just seen it on ebay for £145 still a bit pricey to splash out on after buying a £167 camera, will leave it till I come by more money.
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    Well, i'm back (!) - have a had a quick look around and these two systems were a couple that looked decent to my untrained eye.

    What's your thoughts on either of these - I'm not in a huge rush to buy, so may wait it out until the sales to see if I can pick up cheaper.

    Currys (£300)

    Argos (£350) - (I know it's OOS) This has separate amp, but its active, which I guess means blu-ray player has to be turned on for it to work ? (thinking of linking my topfield through the amp)

    Don't mind being told they're carp (if they are). I'd rather be told that than spend my hard earned money on something that isn't worthwhile.
    also, don't mind spending extra £50 for network if that's worth getting (although I think its probably better to get wi-fi these days isn't it - and neither of them have that?)

    and the Samsung you linked above looks good, linking this Samsung C6500 Player (with WiFi) to it would be a cost of £385. is that good or bad for a set-up?

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