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    Good Afternoon all.

    Im looking for a blu ray player that will allow me to plug in a usb hard drive and play MP4 files from it.

    I have converted my entire DVD library to hard drive to use with my apple tv. Im now thinking of upgrading to blu ray and want to still be able to play my library through the player. Is this possible?

    If anyone has any suggestions then please let me know.



    Fairly certain the Sony BDP-S370 plays .mp4 via USB. Check the spec out on Amazon or similar.

    Sony BDP-S370 plays everything I have so far through USB (MKV, avi, divx). Only on usb sticks so far, I have not succeeded in attaching a mobile hard drive


    Did you convert it like for like 4.5GB each or compress your collection?

    I've decided against buying any more DVD's or blu rays unless they are box sets of stuff I know I'll watch again. Just put all my DVD's into two 250 wallet books and thrown all the cases into the recycling bin.

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    Original Poster

    cheers all.

    @lumoruk They are converted using a apple tv preset. THey might not be 4gb each but they do look good on my 37" tv.

    Just really wanna know if I can play files of the hard drive through usb. I have checked out the BDP-S370 and it seems that it might, but need some confirmation.
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