Blu-ray player! with MKV?

    Whats the cheapest Blu-ray player! with MKV you can buy?


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    As far as playing mkv file is concerned it depends where you want to play it from. It does not support NTFS formated USB drive.

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    Thanks for reply nomeames.

    So even though the Blu-ray Player has a USB port on the front and supports MKV i will not be able to play MKV files via a USB Stick?

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    I see, so as long as the file sizes are under 4.5GB it wil be ok and he quality will be ok to?


    Personally, I wouldn't know about SAMSUNG BD-C5500, but it seems this player supports NTFS formatted USB drives. Found this at avforums:…tml

    If you are thinking of buying this player, I would suggest you buy it from Amazon as it is cheaper than the link you provided above. (£109.55 delivered).…PLE
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