Blu Ray Players (Wireless/Iplayer, Love Film)

    Need some advice fellow members.

    I want to purchase a Blu-Ray player (mainly so that I can watch lovefilm, bbc iplayer, channel 4 player etc through my TV). Would have to be wireless too as my router is quite a distance from my TV.

    But I don't really know what are good and bad and what I should look for when looking at different models etc.

    Any advice is appreciated.



    Sony BDP-S570

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    That looks a good one ^.

    Sony make the best blu ray players IMO!

    I've got a BDP-S370!

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    Much difference between the two?


    S570 is got wifi build in (no need extra dongle) however not sure is it support all online sources you've mentioned. price from 129 - 159. Check amazon.

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    Cheapest S570 I can find is £180?

    Yeah S570 is what you want, as it has wifi & is 3D ready!

    370 alot cheaper, but is still a wicked blu ray player & has lovefilm, iplayer, 5 on demand, loads of others, if you can run a (long?) ethernet cable to it & your not fussed about 3D, its well worth the price!…286

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    My router is quite a way from where the Blu Ray player will be so ideally would need the other one or at least a dongle for it? they're quite expensive aren't they?!

    You could always look for some cheap homeplugs instead of wireless.

    Depends if you want to pay a little more, you could get a PS3

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    I have an Xbox 360 so not really looking for a console.
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