blu ray problem ?????

    can any one help, just tried to play crank 2 on blu ray when i put it in it says checking for update which it dont usually do then when it plays the disc it just plays a small part of the image in the center of the screen the rest of the screen is black any one else experienced this or any ideas why????
    tried another blu ray that worked before and is fine just on crank 2 for some reason????


    It might have the same problem avartar had were you have to conect to the net. Could be wrong.

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    surely it should warn you you need net on the cover if the case…oq=…tml

    Crank 2, released today, took over an hour for a AV and Computer expert … Crank 2, released today, took over an hour for a AV and Computer expert to load this film. I would get a square of about 8" of actual video on a 60" display after waiting 2.5 minutes. First I updated my Panasonic DMP-BD35K firmware via the internet, which to this day never hicupped on any movie. Restarted, no change. OK so I left it hooked up the internet, restarted again and this time the movie said it was checking on updates. Still I would not get pass that 8" square of video. Ok so I then put in my SD memory card, restarted, and after downloading, which also took at least two more minutes on a 16 Mbps internet line, now I get a EULA for Lionsgate BD-Live site. I selected "I disagree" and sure enough the movie would still not load. OK one more time and I selected "I agree" and wouldn't you know it the movie actually started.This is the bottom line on getting the movie to play:It appears that this problem disc will not load on certain 2.0 profile players unless you use an external memory card. All 1.0 and 1.1 profile players such as the Panasonic BD-30 or Sony's BDP-300 or 500 will not have a problem because they are not BD-Live capable. All players that are 2.0 profile, that have built in memory, i.e. the PS3 or the OPPO 83 will not have this problem.All of this would have been a walk in the park if the studios would put a simple system requirement notice on the back cover stating " 2.0 profile players must have either internal or external memory installed for this movie to load correctly."

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    Glad I own a PS3!

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    so going on the above comment if i put a usb memory stick in the player then it will play????

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    for any one else with this problem yes it works above comment thank you all
    just put a usb stick in and then it played :-)
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