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Hi Guys,

I have been using torrents for quite a few years now and have started to notice that the BRRips are getting smaller in size.
Are these versions of the films taken from the original Blu Ray? I was just wondered how they are condensed down to such a small size? at the moment i am downloading Transformers 2 and is just over 2GB?!?!?

Please enlighten me! is it worth downloading these? will i see much difference compared to a standard DVD rip?

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blue rays are like 5GB+

From what I've seen, some are coded at 720p (and are therefore smaller) than a version at 1080p...

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I believe thats what i have seen on the copy I am downloading? will i see much of a difference on the 720p over the standard DVD rip?

quality will be still far better than a dvd although the smaller the blu ray rip the less quality it will be against a normal blu ray disc .

Many of the files are .mkv wich are like the equivelent of musics .mp3 - But compressed high quality video. Most are between 4gb and 8gb.

Just goes to show what a farce the whole BluRay v HD-DVD battle was. It could have all been achieved on standard DVD's.

And yes, depending on the rip, you'll notice the difference between a standard DVD and an .mkv rip. In fact, with some rips, you'd be hard pushed to spot the difference between these and a BluRay.

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Thanks Guys, I will continue to let it download....

Mkv, Avi, Mp3 & so on are just containers, think of them as suitcases. Within these containers you can hold data, Mkv can hold more data than an Avi. Avi's use Xvid or Divx as their encodes but Mkv uses X264 & H264 as its encode.

X264 & H264 is a powerful encoding process which can reduce 8gig blue ray's down to a M-720p (M standing for Micro) of 2gig, some encoders go for bigger files but it ultimately depends on the releases groups set of standards for what they want to achieve. One release group called Scorp releases 8gig blue rays as .Mkv (X264 or H264 encode) at 350mb these release you can watch perfectly on your PC or PS3.

All the fuss about illegal downloading but the companies who release the films all make & sell DivX playes & Sony's PS3's which you can then watch your illegal downloads on. It's just one big cycle.
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