Blue inc stores closing next week ?

Found 15th Jan 2016
*Heads up* Blue Inc in Administration next week

(This is only what i have heard but all signs point to it happening as a lot of stores now are on £5 or less clearance. I can not tell you anymore but telling you what i am almost certain of)

Thought you should know that i believe that Blue inc will next week put it's stores into
administration. This maybe just the 60 ish stores that has already been mentioned by the press but quite possibly all of them.
A J Levy & Sons is the ltd company Blue inc trades the stores and staff get paid via (you can check this yourselves by looking at companies house or asking a store who they get paid by), so by putting that into admin (as again as already been mentioned) they don't actually put Blue inc. itself into administration and people at head office and the management get paid and are safe as they are not paid by A Levy. (Blue Inc ltd states head office activities on the web)

It is my belief (i have to say that as i can't really put They Will ;-) ) - They will then close down the stores they no longer want and re-open the others back up under Blue inc. ltd or a new ltd company.

So really just telling you what i have heard so that that if you have any gift vouchers or exchanges to do then get them done this weekend to avoid any issues. Seen it so many times when these retails close and reopen.

I feel sorry for the staff in the stores they have been treated VERY poor and the press found out before the staff did which is terrible. It annoys me that these companies all do these going into administration and then re-open with a clear sheet and dont' really care about the staff who have given them their lives for years.
About time the government stopped these "easy into and out of administration holes in the system".
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A J Levy & their like have been doing this for years - typical business trick to con HMRC
I work in Blue Inc and we are just hoping they stick to the 60-65 estimate for closing. We still haven't been told which stores are safe and it's been days of worry for me and my staff. We won't find out until Mon or Tues.
Can also confirm that they told us nothing and we found out for ourselves the next day.
I think you will be safe to wait and use gift cards and credit notes in stores that are currently £10 or less. I think you would be better off if you waited because we have almost no stock left at this point even though the sale is good all the good stuff is gone.
That being said any store in £5 or less.... No idea what's going to happen to them. They are probably the ones that are going but who knows?
Also I should point out that we understand that it's mostly Officers Club stores which will bite the dust. Only a small number of Blue Inc's will be closing - or so I hope...
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