Blue Man Group tickets

    Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get cheap tickets for Blue Man Group? Want to go on Feb 23rd, for any performance, cheapist I can find is £51.00 :?


    The price will depend on where abouts in the theatre the seats are -don't know where you got your price from, Ticketmaster [url][/url] have the following available

    Top price seats in the stalls or dress circle - £47.50 per person
    2nd price seats in the stalls - £27.50 per person
    3rd price seats in the stalls - £22.50 per person - these are front row seats and a poncho is provided for protection!

    [url][/url] have tickets for your date available
    seats in the stalls at £28.50 per person, they say the face value of these tickets is £40

    my wifes bought 2 tickets for us to see the show... yep it's the front row... what have we let ourselves in for?

    They advise you not to wear your best clothes... :giggle:

    Take the cheap seats guys, at least you'll only be wasting a little bit of money as opposed to a lot.

    Each to their own but this was the biggest load of over hyped tosh when i saw them in Las Vegas at the Luxor. Don't get me wrong the kids who were there loved it and it's very clean cut stuff, but i found it very underwhelming.

    i am sooooo jealous!!!!!! i love this show and i also saw it in vegas. you will have a great time-the music is amazing and its very funny. just chill out and enjoy it for what it is and a good time will be had. :thumbsup:

    If you are in town anyway go to one of the booths in Leicester Square. We did this back in September and got seats for (I think) £18 each for seats at the side. This was for the show the following evening.

    Also make sure you take a camera phone as they come out at the end of the show to where people are leaving so you can get your photo taken with them (if you are into that type of thing...). They also transmit bluetooth content - although we didn;t receive it many others did.


    You can get some good deals on tickets at the many booths in Leicester Square, however you are not guaranteed to get the show you want or decent seats. Quite often the seats available can be restricted view, it is the chance you take.

    Hope you have a good time
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