Blue Nintendo DS with Nintendogs

Found 23rd Oct 2006
Hi Guys

My lad is after a Blue DS with Nintendogs. For some reason he doesn't want the lite one he wants the original. I've tried convincing him that the lite is better but he is adamant. Firstly should I try to convince him further or should I just get an original DS.

Now for the deal request. Whats the best deal for a Blue DS and Nintendogs. Best I have found so far is £94.99 from amazon. Can anyone beat that??
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The mrs just bought this from argos. Its £99.99, but htey do a deal with the accessary pack and another game. Plus you get a £10 voucher if you spend over £100
apparenty the lite one has a better screen and battery time...I just bought one.
I had a nintendo ds (original not the lite) from Game it was in pink but you can get blue ones , i paid £114 but it had nintendogs and sims2 and an accessory pack (extra pens ect). You get a choice of other games but we picked the most expensive ! Hope this helps
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