Blue ray information needed

    Getting a blue ray player, but dont really know what I am looking for so would appreciate any help.

    Has to be panasonic
    We do have a full HD tv


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    Looking at Panasonic DMP-BD30EG-K Blu-ray Disc Player

    Specifications * Standard profile BD player * 1080p/24p output * … Specifications * Standard profile BD player * 1080p/24p output * Hollywood studio reference standard * HDMI 1.3 with deep colour * Viera link with seamless GUI support * P4HD processor * Standard profile 1.1 * Picture in picture * SD card slot * Playback AVCHD camcorder footage * Playback HD 1920x1080 Jpeg+ slideshow with CD * 7.1ch audio bitstream out via HDMI * 5.1ch analogue out

    The DMP-BD30 Blu-ray Disc Player combines Blu-ray Disc specifications, … The DMP-BD30 Blu-ray Disc Player combines Blu-ray Disc specifications, which were created to achieve stunning 1920 x 1080 image resolution and high-quality surround sound from advanced formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, with Final Standard Profile to bring entirely new features to Blu-ray disc playback. The DMP-BD30 is the world's first Blu-ray Disc player to support Final Standard Profile.Final Standard Profile adds a variety of new and enhanced features* to Blu-ray disc media produced using BD-ROM Profile 1 Version 1.1. For example, a Picture-in-Picture feature displays a sub-screen, and an Audio Mixing function lets the user switch the playback sound between the main screen and the sub-screen.The DMP-BD30 incorporates the same unique Panasonic P4HD (Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD) technology that gained widespread popularity in the DMP-BD10/10A. In addition, the PHL Reference Chroma Processor in the DMP-BD30 expresses the fine details and nuances of movie scenes by reproducing clearer colour boundaries, and the 1080/24p Playback function provides Blu-ray disc movies with the same 24-fps (frames per second) playback used in movie theatres. The DMP-BD30 is also compatible with HDMI V.1.3 /Deep Colour function for superbly smooth gradation and 4,096-step gradation. These and other features greatly boost image processing performance.To enhance the sound quality, HDMI V.1.3 compliance enables the DMP-BD30 to output Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio in bitstream form with no degradation, and brings re-mastering to the Blu-ray Disc for the first time ever. The new Blu-ray Disc Player is also equipped with high-speed 50 Mbps optical output elements and a 192kHz 24bit digital-analogue converter (DAC). Sound enhancing capacitors are used to reinforce the power supply and reduce noise, to enable higher quality low- and medium-range sound reproduction.These high quality image and sound technologies are incorporated in the UniPhier chip, a Panasonic created system LSI developed by applying 45 nanometers processing to a consumer product for the first time in the world. This single chip integration technology also contributes greatly to the DMP-BD30's slimmer dimensions and lower power consumption.For networking convenience, the DMP-BD30 comes with an SD Memory Card slot. This enables easy data transfer with an HD camcorder or digital still camera. AVCHD video images and JPEG photos can be viewed on a large screen TV at a high 1920 x 1080 resolution by simply inserting an SD Memory Card into the DMP-BD30?s SD Memory Card slot. JPEG photos recorded onto an SD Memory Card can be viewed in a slide show complete with background music from a music CD.The new DMP-BD30 Blu-ray Disc Player both maximizes Blu-ray disc media enjoyment and links with other High Definition products such as camcorders and digital still cameras to serve as a vital hub for HD entertainment.

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    Doesn't look like this is a Blu-Ray profile 2.0 player - and whether the BD30 is upgradeable seems open to debate:…734

    It looks like the BD50 might be worth waiting for. Or a PS3....

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    Doesn't look like this is a Blu-Ray profile 2.0 player - and whether the … Doesn't look like this is a Blu-Ray profile 2.0 player - and whether the BD30 is upgradeable seems open to debate: looks like the BD50 might be worth waiting for. Or a PS3....

    Thanks, repped you

    Need one by 14th april, and cant find a release date for the BD50

    Dad doesnt want a PS3, so need to look at other options I think.

    So I shouldnt order that one then?

    I dont think there are any BD2.0 players on the market at the mo (and no 2.0 content yet either). Dont worry too much about the 2.0 standard because the main feature will still work (and alot of the main extras too) but you wont be able to access some of the web based extras.

    If you just want a BD player for the films (rather than ALL the extras), the Panasonic is pretty good.

    Agree with Social Lurker. If you don't want the gimmicks then you may as well go for the Panny.

    About half way down the first page of this thread there is a matrix showing you what the current players are capable of doing:…461

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    Thanks for the help

    Really appreciated, repped you both
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