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Found 7th Feb
hi there

been looking at buying a set of Bluedio over ear headphones. possibly the t4s or f2. anyone own either and could please give me some feedback.

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Hi John

We have had several lots of Bluedio.

On the plus, these sound excellent and have great battery life.

On the negative, the headband is a seriously weak point on them.

Honestly, I think they strengthen them with ice cream wafer!

If you are super careful you will have some good headphones at a great price.

If not, expect the headband to snap.
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ok thanks for the info. what models did u have?
T2+ (x 2), T2S (x 1) and F800 (x2) .

On all of the T models the headband snapped. Don't buy any models with the same design headband.

The one snapped just from a knock off a settee onto the floor.

The headband on the F800 is good as it has a metal exoskeleton, but unfortunately both of those failed on sound. They are lovely looking. Shame.

I can't speak personally for the T4S or F2... The headband looks thicker than the T2nnn range which has just a very thin strip of plastic in them.

If you are unsure, buy from Amazon.

I had no trouble returning any of the 5 pairs.
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I bought a pair of the latest Bluedio Victory just a few weeks, build on mine is outstanding and sound quality is great as far as I'm concerned but unless you get the same model perhaps that doesn't mean anything. Mine cost £130 from Amazon.
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