I was once blind and now i feel that i can see again,

    I have just watched Dark Knight on BD and i had a lazy lob best HD film i have ever seen!

    Had to share it with you all!


    Welcome to the club, we don't talk about the club.

    Original Poster

    first rule huh?

    thanks for sharing... the truth shall set you free..

    looks great and all but it annoyed the hell out of me with the changing of ratios. either have full screen or 2 black lines not jumps between both.

    The full screen parts were shot in IMAX, the most stunning scenes I've ever seen on my hdtv!

    You sharing your lazy lob with us all? You're gonna be knackered real quick!

    Original Poster

    Ha i wondered when the lazy lob comment would come back to haunt me!


    its blu-ray ffs lol
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