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    I've just treated myself to a nice shiney new 40" HD TV - What I want to know is what would be the best Blueray film to buy to show it off at its very best?


    spiderman 3 is good so is pirates of the caribeen 3

    Sin cities is surprisingly good (well the sound is if you got 5.1 son)

    any animated films such as cars, Ratatouille or shrek

    beowulf and 300, amazing

    king kong

    i want that ^ wer did you get it from and how much cheers, dan.

    apparently planet earth is supposed to look amazing


    apparently planet earth is supposed to look amazing

    Do they have planet earth on blu-ray? It's absolutely stunning on HD DVD so I would guess it would be a safe bet and generally the animated stuff.:thumbsup:

    resident evil trilogy looked good to me, deja vu, fifth element remastered, fantastic 4 .just a few off the top of my head that made me think wow this looks really good.

    I have just bought a preowned X-Men The last stant from Game Station for £7.99, going to watch it tonight so I will let you know.

    Any Pixar movie + Planet Earth.


    Any Pixar movie + Planet Earth.

    Got to agree about Cars and Ratatouille.:thumbsup: Both look stunning.

    a scanner darkly looks amazing on blu-ray

    watched X-Man The last Stand it was fantastic on blu ray, highly recommend this one.



    Ratatouille..... looks ab fab on bluray

    The remastered version of fifth element not the original blu release and final fantasy spirits within

    You can get XXX stuff on blu-ray now, try getting that.

    planet earth 5 disc blu ray edition is good


    i have a planet earth 5 disc blu ray edition £35?!

    no self promotion forum rules

    ah ok il take that back

    i have the spiderman trilogy, that looks amazing on blu ray, i watched shooter the other night that was quality, mr and mrs smith was brilliant picture, i am legend was good on blu ray, 30days of night...blu ray made that film 10x better, i watched "the departed" last night on blu ray...didnt think it was that impressive.

    woop planet earth hd-dvd arrived today lol


    i agree, animated movies looks sweet

    Casino Royale was my first BR film and I still think it is excellent for picture quality.

    Casino Royale is the only blu-ray film I have, and that was free 'cus of PS3.
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