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    Can anyone offer any advice/deals on car visor handfree kits for mobile phones? I'm looking for something compatible with a Nokia 6230i and don't want to use a headset.



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    Nobody have any knowledge of these :-(

    I've not got any recommendations for the visor kits, but I have a couple of the portable bluetooth handsfree kits.

    Carphone warehouse sell one n'%20Go%20Talk%20Bluetooth%20car%20kit"]like this - I've got one of these, and have another one I got slightly before it (from Maplin, but they only seem to show the same one that CPW sell, only Maplin seem to sell it at a notably higher price).

    I preferred buying on on the highstreet, then you can have a look at it before you make your decision, no doubt you can buy similar things on ebay, perhaps cheaper though. FWIW I've been happier with the CPW one, and at under £20 I think it's a good buy. Has a built in mic and can be adjusted for angle and position and locked like that.

    The other one I bought (originally from Maplin, ] is now £14.98 - about half what I paid for it) was very similar, but had to have the external mic plugged into it, whereas the CPW one has one built in. However, the earlier one I have automatically connects to your phone when you plug it in, whereas the CPW one you have to press the big button on it once you've plugged it in, to tell it to pair with your phone (doesn't need any codes at that point, it's a trusted relationship, it just doesn't automagically do it as soon as it's powered up). Which doesn't sound that onerous, but is easy to forget - so you can find yourself driving around with it plugged in, powered on, but not connected to your phone!

    Sorry if this is no use for you, but seemed a consideration if you want handsfree bluetooth in your car, but don't want a Borg-like headset attached to the side of your head!
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