Bluetooth dongle


    Please can anyone suggest a decent Bluetooth dongle that I could get. Don't have a lot of knowledge on the issue so don't want to buy and regret



    I've got one of the MSI dongles (the 10m one) - works fine with the various bluetooth mobiles I've had (Sony Ericsson K700, K750)…tml

    There's plenty of cheaper generic ones around for about £6 to £10

    Belkin stuff is pretty bulletproof so i cant see past this one, less than a tenner as well!…htm

    Aldi were selling bluetooth dongles for £10 works fine.Still plenty at my local aldi.

    Wahey I made the front page

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    having the same problem locating at Argos. Have combed London stores and in SE England. No luck so far . . . . .

    Might have to go for…htm
    as it works out to be a good deal when delivery and VAT are added or any ideas people?
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