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Posted 27th Feb
Hi could someone recommend a decent pair of Bluetooth earbuds. Looking for ones with plenty of bass, decent charge life and maybe a volume control

Preferably from Amazon as I'm in the last couple of days of my Prime trial and also have a £5 voucher.

Ive looked at a few priced around £20-30 but I'd be willing to go a bit higher if I thought it worthwhile.

I had been looking at these ones:…427
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The same question was asked yesterday on here, £20-30 price range.
Same question asked 4 times in a little over 24 hours, however the op gave a bit more initial detail rather than making everyone decent enough to answer till in the gaps & wipe clean their dirty incapable butts
Probably not worth going for wire-free Bluetooth as they usually have problems connecting with each other, try some Mpow Bluetooth which have a cable between the two buds instead.
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If they fit in your ears, I would go for something like this…363 and get a bluetooth adapter. I bought some of these when aliexpress had a deal from the official shop and they were about £20 for the headphones, and £6 for the adapter.
I was using the KZ ZS5 as my walking around buds before and they were excellent and can be bought for like £13 + £6 for adapter…001…363

Just look after your hearing though, these are great but long term damage to your ears isn't good. Check out this page.…0zY
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