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I'm after some decent bluetooth headphones.... I remember some time ago there was some going quite cheap on Play.com. Any similar deals at the moment? The Sony DR-BT20NX [http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/3257218/Sony-DR-BT20NX-Neckstrap-Style-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headphones/Product.html] seem perfect but are a bit expensive at £45....

....any ideas?



I have this:
From £16.99 inc. p&p (not sold by amazon)

It allows me to use any headphones that I want and make them Bluetooth headphones.
Good if you already have a favourite pair of cans.
It allows stereo sound and the clip doubles as a volume adjuster, call answerer and microphone. You can also use it to make voice activated calls.

However, this model is quite old now, works well but it'd be worth looking to see if there are newer models out and see what have improved eg. battery life, size, display, skip tracks etc.

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i don't already have headphones... also is it not bulky carrying that and a full pair of headphones...?

I can't imagine it being any larger than the bluetooth receiver on the Sony pair you posted.

Here's a quick pic i took with it against my hand. It easily fits in my pocket.

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i see what you mean... this'll sound really weird but the thing is with the one you've suggested, I've still got the full length of the headphones to faff around with and I'll end up putting the receiver in my pocket... by that time i may as well have my mp3 player/phone in my pocket. it sort of defies the purpose i want to use the wireless functionality for.

for example, with the Sony ones I've posted, I could connect them up to my phone and leave my phone in my bag. as all the wires are around my neck, they're all I'll have to control... hope I'm making sense...!

I could also control my music and phone calls with the Sony one http://www.audio-videoshop.cz/zbozi/647_original.jpg - but they're too expensive!

Oh yea I get what you mean.
It does come with a short wire pair of headphones (a bit like that sony pair) but I'd never use them, I'm too much of an audiophile!
Just as a note, any pair of Bluetooth headphones won't have great sound quality. Depending on what you find to be an acceptable quality of course

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yeah i was thinking that.... i was considering splashing out on these headphones and a big memory card for my phone rather than an mp3 player, but don't know if it'll be as good. if they were cheaper i wouldn't care if they disappointed me but at that price....

i'll sleep on it!

Sony Walkman phones are arguably as good as dedicated mp3 players.
Personally, I prefer to have a gadget which is excellent at it's dedicated job.
I find that products that offer a variety of functions only perform 'ok' at all the functions.

Saves carrying loads of gadgets around with you though.
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