Bluetooth Headphones

    I'm looking for a pair of Bluetooth Headphones.

    I would be willing to pay up to £100 for the right pair but I'm looking for decent sound quality, preferably noise cancelling as I use them on the train, long battery life and a nice design in black.

    Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.


    You don't need to spend that kind of money. I bought these a year ago and I'm no audiophile but they are a bargain at this price, they are stylish and sound great, also in black;…c=1

    Buy a bluetooth adaptor that will take any headphones. It clips on on your belt on neck line and will link with any bluetooth transmission like hifi or smartphone. They start at £20

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    Thanks for your posts.

    dereklogan7, I've checked out the pair you suggested but I'm not sure about the design. They remind me a bit of a headband and I was looking for a pair that covered the ears so as to block out other noises around.

    wayners, I'm not familiar with a Bluetooth adapter. I'm looking for a pair of headphones to use mainly with my phone.

    Bluetooth adapter looks like this... Samsun example

    Advantage - you can use any wired headphones with a 3.5mm jack with them, giving you vastly greater choice and the opportunity to re-use your existing headphones if you already own some decent cans.

    Disadvantage - you are only wireless between your phone and the small adapter box - there is still a cable from the adapter to your headphone/earphones.

    Whether this is important to you will depend on why you want to go Bluetooth in the first place. If you're just sitting on the train, it's probably to get rid of wires altogether. Adapters can be good for runners, for example, because you can usually clip the adapter at the neckline and have a very short cable. The primary annoyance of having a long cable to your pocket or carrying your player in your hand is done away with.

    I asked a similar question a few weeks ago Here

    I decided to go for the Sony MDR10RBT

    They were £128 and Flubit brought them down to £122, which I now consider a bargain! Very very impressed.
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