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I hoping to get some help. I’m after a decent pair of Bluetooth inear headphones that doesn’t loose connection when my phone is put in my pocket. I have tried loads and most have really bad connection when my phone is in my pants pocket. Looking around £30 and using an iPhone 7
thank you

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Can't speak for them myself, but posters here rave on about anker and taotronics. Just search here and at amazon, they're usually around £15-20.

It's not the headphones. It's the phone .
My Nexus 6p was exactly the same .
Moved to pixel 2 and same headphones no issues at all

Given up myself. Don't fit ears. Batteries don't last all day. Drops connection.. Poor all round…pow

Mixed bag of reviews but I own 2 pairs and they are great for the price. Come with changeable parts to adjust for ear size. If you have any issues the seller will send a pair no quibbles.

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Thank you for the replies.
I had the same problem with my 6 and 6s aswell (yes I’m an Apple fanboy lol). I have them headphones flamingmoose, and they are good, but battery isn’t the best on them

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And will have a look thank you bjrosl

I use Skull candy ink'd wireless myself has 7hours or so battery. Neck band and is a traditional earbud.…550
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