Bluetooth Mouse Required...Which one please??

    After purchasing a Dell Mini 9 I'm now on the hunt for bluetooth mouse ....I'm guessing many people are in the same boat.
    Does anyone know of any small mouses on the market at the mo?

    Not sure if I should go for one of those tiny wired ones for weight/size reason or a bluetooth one...I'm actually swaying otwadrs the wired one I think.

    What do you all reckon?

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    Good question, just got my Dell Mini and am currently looking for a bluetooth mouse too. I have found the Macally Bluetooth Optical Mini Mouse from at around £13 delivered, but it seems a bit ugly for a mouse. Also from I found the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 for £24 delivered but I'm not sure about it. Any info would be great as I am in the same postion as OP
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