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    Hey, anyone know the best and cheapest place to get a bluetooth wireless PC mouse??


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    anyone??? cheapest i can find is £30!!!

    Do you really need bluetooth, ow will any sort of wireless do?

    Try searching the Computer Deals for wireless - you'll find a few wireless mice as well as some wireless keyboard/mice sets for less than £20.

    Then make your choice - it's horses for courses. Good luck.

    p.s. For the best (but not the cheapest!) check out my post at…ou/, but be sure to read all replies - it's possible toget it cheaper than the posted price.

    i managed to get a microsoft 5000 bluetooth mouse for £22 buy it now on ebay. (supposedly the best one) it will arrive tomorrow


    Do you really need bluetooth, ow will any sort of wireless do?

    The problem with other wireless is that you have to have an adapter taking up a USB slot and sometimes sticking out. Bluetooth doesn't require anything like that if you've got it built in.

    I'm surprised you can't find any bluetooth mice, I typed in 'bluetooth mouse' and got lots of results. There's one for just under £20 ]here for example.
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