Bluetooth mouse/headphones lag

    The bluetooth dongles are at the back of my computer, no more than 1m away from the desk. I don't have the same problem when i move the dongles to the front of the computer, making me think it's a poor signal from behind my PC. I only have two USB slots on the front though so i'd rather keep them available for other things.

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    I've had similar issues with Wireless keyboards and mice, usually Microsoft products.
    Some brands like Logitech seem to have better signal strength.

    The best advice I can give, is to buy a USB extension (or even a USB hub).
    Plug it into the back of your computer and place the end where you're going to attach the dongle, near your monitor or tape it to the underside of your desk or on the side of your computer.
    So you'll have line of sight with your device.

    Batteries nearly out of power don't help either.
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