Bluetooth not working on iphone 3G anyone help please

    Anyone know how to get my bluetooth working....It's driving me mad
    Thought all iphones had bluetooth, even my ipod touch has it.

    the menu is there but when i click on the icon to turn bluetooth on the timer spiral come on then goes back to turn on bluetooth.


    Also its very slow.
    Not very much on it. ulocked and jailbroken...Not by me but the shop

    The guys in the shop said that they couln't unlock it without the jailbreak?
    I would rather it just have been unlocked.
    *loody stupid thing, or is it me?


    What are you trying to do? Bluetooth on iPhone is limited to pairing with only certain devices i.e. Headsets/handsfree etc. Not other phones.

    Original Poster

    Trying to connect to my Mazda Bluetooth unit so I can use the phone in the car.

    Original Poster

    Looking into things a little deeper, it appears that the 3g s has working bluetooth.
    Did a search on the Mazda forums.

    Anyone want to buy an Iphone 3g 8g,
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