bluetooth on ipod touch

    hi people i have some pictures videos and music on my lg renoir but ipod not pick any bluetooth units up, why? ive turned it on and it looking but not pick owt up. can someone please explain why and how to sort it? i only got it last week brand new.



    is it set to discoverable?

    Original Poster

    yes turned on but just keeps looking and finds no thing why?


    yes turned on but just keeps looking and finds no thing why?

    are they all discoverable though?
    Try searching the other way round?

    i think its only because we can connect it to bluetooth stereo devices only

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    yes they are it just keeps looking but pick no thing up
    can you send things to it or send things off it?

    Apple didn't enable 'object push' in the Bluetooth stack (the bit that allows 'stuff' to be sent/received) because they didn't want people sending tracks to each other without paying for them.
    The result, you can send anything/receive anything by BT...
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