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Found 29th Sep 2007
was recently posted on hukd bought a bluetooth headphone set from play, unfourtunately my mobile that did have bluetooth died and so left with an ol brick that has nothing, as a result would like to get these headphones set up with my ipod, but as the ipod doesn't have bluetooth (as far as i know) is there anything i can download for it, or add to it that will get it working with my bluetooth headphones? rep is sure to be on its way to the helpfull, :thumbsup: lz
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nah you can do it another way get a blueeye which makes your ipod with bluetooth and can take calls so the music stops while a call is incoming.

search on google gear4 blueeye
sorry if i didn't make myself clear, the reason i'm looking for a bluetooth thingamajig is because my phone doesn't have bluetooth and so i'm trying to get bluetooth for my ipod, my phone has nothing, can't use it for music. Ipod on the other hand...
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