BluRay or PS3?

    Should i buy a BluRay player or a PS3?

    I have an xbox360 and a Wii, and struggle to find time to play games on those!! But am after a BluRay player to ad to my setup. I have been looking at the Panasonic BD35, which is about £150, i'm thinking a PS3 pricedrop will take it to under £200 so there's not that much difference.

    Is it ok to mainly use as a BluRay player? I use the 360 to stream videos a lot, and it won't stream MKV files, whereas the PS3 will as i understand.

    Any more benefits to having one?

    Please no fanboy '360 vs PS3' debates

    Thanks if anyone else has been in a similar position


    Sony have ruled out a price-drop any time soon. IMO Get a PS3 some great exclusives for it, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, Motorstorm etc.

    The PS3 will only stream .mkv files if you install PS3 Media Server on your PC. Even then, I've found that the only way to get a 1/2 decent quality stream (without if freezing every other second) is through a wired network connection.

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    hmmm, might wait then, the streaming without sounding like a jumbo jet taking off, as well as mkv would be a main reason for getting one.

    I have just bought a plasm tv and had a PS3 in my study. My wife didnt want it in the front room so we bought a sony 350. The PS3 has found its way into the front room for things like slide shows of Photos and i wish i had put my foot down as the ps3 is much more flexible

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    That was my idea, it seems like i either get a BR player, or get a BR player which can also stream files from the PC, play games, photos etc.

    There must be a downside to getting it over a dedicated player though :?:

    I've been having a look about as I'm wanting a blu-ray player for my new HD TV. I thought about the PS3 but I highly doubt I'd play any of the exclusives on it. I've got an Xbox 360 the now, and most of the games on the PS3 are on that as well.

    I'm planning on buying this player this week:
    ]LG BD370 - £150 @ Richer Sounds

    It gets a lot of good reviews and seems to be the best player unless you're willing to fork out a fiar bit more.

    I was in exactly your situation at Christmas and decided to eventually go for the PS3. So glad I did, while used for some games, it's mostly BluRay and media streaming from the PC. Have to agree with previous post tho as wired network is def way to go - a half hour of hassle running a 30m Cat 5 cable is worth it as streaming is perfect. Also not mentioned so far is the fact that the PS3 can be firmware updated for BR.

    The PS3 firmware is also easy upgradeable for any advances in BluRay technology, new profiles etc.

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    The Panasonic i was looking at also has an ethernet port so i can do that, still undecided

    Get the PS3

    I decided on a ps3 last week just for blurays. The Xbox 360 upstairs for gaming and playing DVDs.

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    Wil hold out for a while and get a PS3 then i think, a rumoured slim version may drop the price a little
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