Bluray Player or PlayStation 3

    It's time for me to get a BluRay Player... or as friends keep suggesting a Play Station3.

    So apart from Gaming, what other advantages does the PS3 have over a decent BluRay player ?

    Any decent prices for either ?


    If you want to play games as well get a PS3...........if you don't then save £150 and buy a standalone player.

    Don't forget the PS3 is an excellent media streamer also.

    might have more sound options, split sound to a seperate source (video going to TV, then audio going to another source).. Which im not sure you will get with the cheaper players?

    Possibly USB playback, although im not sure on this one.

    Other than that.. nowt, certainly not justifiable spending loads on this alone.

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    Mine has 80gb of music stored on it .It also has 200gb of films.I also use it for browsing the web from my TV,

    Advantages of getting a PS3

    > Gaming console
    > Harddrive so can store video and music and harddrive is expandable plus add play TV so can turn PS3 into a recorded
    > Great for streaming, I have my external drives plugged in with loads of films and tv series to watch
    > BBC player, 4OD and a few others
    > Not everyones cup of tea but Love Film have a icon were you can rent films through your ps3 and get them streamed straight to your machine

    if you buy play tv for about £25, your playstation 3 can also become a hard drive recorder for recording tv programing,

    there will be skype on it soon enough i would have thought aswell,

    you can use the usb to play back movies, search and stream movies online, store your music on it and play it out through it... just for starters

    Original Poster

    Ps3 is a lot more.. but I like the idea of media streaming, divx play back, internet etc..

    any decent deals around at the moment ?

    3D blu ray player!! so future proof


    3D blu ray player!! so future proof

    Not 100% sure but am sure on one of the recent PS3 updates their was 3D support as well

    EDIT - just double checked and the PS3 supports 3D blu ray playback…tml
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