Blyk Invite Code


    I was wonderin' if there was anyone out there who can send me a Blyk invite code? They are like gold dust and I'm desperate!! lol.

    Many thanks if you can help me.



    Someone told me that they arent giving sims out any more?

    There is talk they are about to fold.

    They have dropped their 43 mins charged per second and 217 sms for free, or 67 mins and 367 sms for five quid to a choice between about sixty minutes of calls or 180 sms, but now charged per minute.

    If you top-up. which you need to do even if you only make two five second calls per day - then its 24p per call, even if its only for a second or two. So its effectively a little to encourage you in, then the most expensive calls of any provider.

    Its not now viable to use - and i am getting tortured by my niece to get her a contract as she cannot use the Blyk service any more. Its a shame as she joined at the start, and i guess I have bought her 60 quid of credit in all that time. She is now just over a week into her billing month, and has no credit left.

    This would mean topping up 30 quid to cover the month for what she was previously getting free. Although it seems she might get a ten quid top up free next month if I topper her phone up for thirty now. But for thrity quid a month, you can get a contract with a free phone and a healthy bundle of minutes, and its more than I am prepared to fund her to. Its PAC time for her I think.

    In addition to this it seems the customer area on their website is now full of complaints, which are being printed off and shoved under my nose to "show me how unfair everyone says it is"

    Through Quidco, you can get something in the region of 200 mins and limitless texts for seven quid, which is what she is wanting me to get for her.

    If that has not scared you, I will ask her to get you an invite.

    I text invite to 247 and was told they aren´t doing them at the moment.
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