Blyk service so rubbish

    Have noticed many users who have not been given thier minutes and text for a long time, and blyk keep sending the setting over and over. disgraceful service. then agian what do you expect from free companies? anyone hd the same issues recently?



    how can you complain about a free service?

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    exactly thats the point- complain about a free service

    i havent had much problems with blyk myself, but sometimes when they send the settings over and over it means that the phone is not compatible or that you have sent for the settings. so if you dont have the correct settings you wont get the free texts because they will not be able to send you the ads.

    'You get what you pay for'

    Just buy top-up!

    I have been using Blyk for months now without any problems. When I first installed the sim it did keep trying to send me the settings, but it was my phone not the sim. It works fine in my son's phone.

    At the moment i cant send any texts, it just keeps failing. I've had blyk since it came out but i'm sick of it now so im going to change to o2.

    is it possible for a 25-year-old to get one?:thinking:
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