BMI Chart - Correct or Outdated?

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Found 4th Apr 2011
What are everyone's views on the BMI Chart?

Is it correct or outdated now?

I don't think it gives you an accurate reading, everyone is completely different..

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Wasn't the system always flawed?

grossly outdated and doesn't consider many factors of a person's body.

I would say outdated as each and every time my 7 yr old gets measured up to the chart I get told she is grosely underweight!

But the chart does not see that my kid is healthy and happy, so weight isnt an issue in our eyes.

Better indication is a body fat measuring,BMI doesnt mean much to most people

Hospitals still use BMI as a strong indication for undergoing operations . I would not even been referred for my Op if I had a BMI of 30 or over

BMI isnt accurate, I doesnt take into consideration frame size or muscle weight

totally agree with posts above....

here is my i am bringing forward to the medical board:

Bones: skinny

6 pack = show off*

little podge = within weight limit

belly hanging over belt = fat

*= Under review pending end of gym membership lol
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