BMW 316i 1997 Wiper Problem - Any Mechanics On Here

    Hi Guys
    Not sure if anyone can help but I have a problem with the rear wiper on my BMW compact, put simply it doesnt work. Does anyone have one with a haynes manual who could upload a picture of the wiring diagram or let me know where the relay for it is please???? It seems the fuse is the same as the front wiper which works so cant be that. I have googled this problem and have no real info on the diagnosis. If anyone can find where the relay is or a link to down load the service manual I would really appreciate it. Many thanks


    Check the fuses first, Fuses are No.15 and 45 in glovebox.

    Pray its not the motor, thats about £150!

    The motors are prone to rusting in side and the worm drive failing (hence getting one from a scrappy is a gamble)

    A lot people get a blanking kit and remove the wiper.

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    hi many thanks
    i do not seem to have a fuse box in the glove box only under the bonnet, I will double check though, do you think it could be a relay if not? I have takenb all the relays out and swapped same rating ones between them under the bonnet but to no avail - thanks again

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    hi , definately no fuse box in glove box,have looked everywhere for another one but to no avail

    Try This link, ]CLICK HERE

    Should be a link to PDF for 316 Electrics fuse box relays etc.

    I may be thinking of a later model or even the 318 in regards to the glove box fuses.

    Have you tried looking under the glovebox at the back on the left?

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    many thanks for the link will have a look through it. Definately no other fuse box anywhere which seems bizzare. Rep left cheers
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