Posted 9th Dec 2022
Hi all,

Please help me choose between these two. Looking at around 2014 plate (maybe the facelift 2016 5 series if budget allows).

Just can't decide - I want them both!

What would you choose and why?

Thanks in advance
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    The 5 series but only if it is a touring. Assume the 3 GT comes into play due to practicality, the boot on the 5 saloon isn't a great shape for practicality, and folding split rear seats is not standard on saloons.

    The F10/F11 interior is a magnitude better than the F30 based 3GT interior.

    You mention 3 young children in one of the posts, I manage this fine (one is a baby) albeit in a G31 5 touring.
    Really appreciate your rational thinking. 520d touring does sound like the best option here. I just don't like the look of it, or any estate for that matter.

    But, function over form. Might just have to suck it up. Man, I feel old!

    Genuine thanks for the comments.
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    320 GT if you need the hatch.

    520d if you don't

    Both have same engines but 5 series is more comfortable.

    As @JimboParrot states, it was around 2015 that EU6 came into fruition so double and triple check.
    We're a young family of 5 (eldest is 6) and my main focus is on comfort and practicality. I really like the idea of a hatch but will always feel like I'm missing something for no going for the 5. The reverse will be true if I get the 5 and then struggle with boot space.

    The other option is a 5 touring, but really don't like any estate aesthetically, nor does the Mrs - hence why I was looking at the GT in the first place.

    As you can probably tell, I'm still very confused.
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    I'd go for the 520d find it better looking than the GT, but its down to personal preference. I had my mates 435d for about 9 months while he was away, lovely car to drive... so not sure a 420d would be an option?
    I would love a 4 series, but the dream falls apart when needing to lug around three young children. Need something a little more practical.

    I had to sell my E46 320cd as our family grew, it was hear breaking! Would love to get back into something like that
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    For what its worth, the 3 series (even the less pretty GT) should be easier to sell on. Say you keep it 4 years, whats the market going to be like for big saloon diesels?
    That said, the 5 is a superb car and a better family carrier.
    That's a very fair point. One I hadn't really considered.
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    I've had similar aged 3 and 5 series and they were money pits. Prepare to repair. Driving an Audi now and they're not as nice a drive but way more reliable (in my experience anyway, in before all the Audi naysayers arrive!)
    What went wrong with yours? Fairly common issues, or just bad luck?
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    Timing chains still fail.
    No car is without its problems
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    As both diesel you might want to look into ULEZ charges in the London area, plus any in other locations for starters.
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    I live in London. This 2 litre diesels is euro 6, so exempt from ULEZ charges
    Do double check though as it is expanding and I didn't think a 2014 diesel would be exempt.

    Both nice cars though.
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    Very, very similar cars in terms of internal dimensions as I think the 3 GT is on the 5 chassis. Personally for me it would be down to the optional extras, I would want the larger screen and upgraded sound, does the GT have a glass roof option? I've almost pushed the button on the GT before, however, I live in the cotswolds and had a Jag XF for a couple of years, I hated how big it was for my area, sticking to 3-4 series size now and very happy. I retro fitted Apple CarPlay into my last BMW can't live without that now. Think of the extra's, the top graded merino leather is lush as well.
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    None get a 330d. 6 cylinder, smooth as butter and a power house.
    Heart says yes, but brain saying no thanks. Don't need more power than the 4 cylinder produces, nor do I want the higher running costs
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