BMW 520d Touring - which run flats

Posted 8th Dec 2019
Hi all,

I’m after a bit of help, I don’t know much at all when it comes to knowing what runflat tyres are good and which are not. I see a lot of comments from people slating the top brands too which makes it even harder to know if a tyre is good and will be right for my car.

I want to know what runflat tyres would work well for my car and are reasonably priced - somewhere in the region of £65-£85

Any advice would be really appreciated.
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Hi Macdaddy,
The cheapest run flats I’ve ever bought for my Mercedes are Continental Contact Sport 5 - around £145 per tyre.

I tend to use the Goodyear Eagle F1 for my BMW Gran Tourer - around the same money.

I would stay away from cheap run flats as, the strength of the tyre is imperative to its function.

I also used Dunlop’s and Pirelli P Zeros on a mini. The Pirelli’s where excellent.

Good luck
Hi tomoniphone,

Thanks for your comments, I have heard good things about both the Pirelli P Zeros and the Goodyear Eagle F1’s, I’ll have a look around and prices for them and will stay away from anything budget.

Appreciate the advice
I've run Conti's and Goodyear RFT's on 2 BMW's. Goodyears gave better mileage and were quieter, good grip in the dry when pressing on. The Conti's I feel had more wet grip and were a bit cheaper. Overall I prefered the GY's. I also ran a set of of GY rft snow tyres and they were great. Second year I didn't even bother changing them in the summer they were so good. All IMHO.
All runflats are rubbish - look at the comments on the bmw forums, no one likes them. Plus they only work with small punctures and are not repairable. Buy a spare wheel and jack and put normal tyres on - pref something decent like crossclimates.

My experience of switching from runflats to real tyres was that it improved the comfort, roadholding and braking preformance.
I found runflats particularly terrible in cold weather.
Thanks Airbus330 and mas99 , appreciate both your comments. I have read a lot about putting normal tyres on and it’s what I’d like to do, I’ve just been put off as I am not knowledgable and it feels like going against what is recommended for the car. I have also hear in some cases it’s classed as modification and invalidates your insurance. Based on price and ride I have read more about it being a positive change to make though.
I would just do away with the run flats and put normal tyres on it if it was me.
I spoke to my insurance company today (RAC) and they said as long as I’m not changing the rims then I’m fine, based on this and also after having a further conversation with my local National
Tyres I am going to swap to normal tyres.
I’ve swapped my RF tyres to normal, the RF tyres made my car very fidgety and when worn very noisy.
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