BMW Foot Air vent not working/blowing air

    Ok, just realised that the Driver's Foot Air Vent is not working! Not blowing any air whatsoever. All other vents work fine apart driver's foot vent.
    Any ideas or self diy before I take it to garage?
    Many thanks.


    Which BMW do you have? May help!

    Original Poster

    520d e60 2008

    It could be the flap inside the vent what's stuck. Lower the seat, push it right back and get a torch to see if the vents stuck

    Have you owned from new or secondhand.

    Previous work on stereo etc could have pulled a cable off or hose or a clip could be broken which is common.

    Original Poster

    Bought recently but can't see any work being done as all factory stereo etc

    They have little servo motors that open and close the flaps. Either broken wire as suggested or servo motor has failed.
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